Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First love yourself, then you can love someone else...

I haven't got any Madonna-ticket yet, but I promise you that if I do not see her, that will be the end of me. Sorry to say, but she's an icon, nothing you just don't care about. She is one of the women I admire the most. She's like the rolemodel for me, that always keeps me going, no matter what. So to pass this enormous experience away, it's not really working for me. This is as close I will ever get to see a real icon, Queen would've been the absolute top of the iceberg, everybody else come below them.

Today I'm going to get my hair cut and it really scares me now, I like my long hair, but it has become a little bit to long and I really don't like it. But Hanse is only allowed to cut some of it off, I'm a girl who always will have long hair no matter what magazines or people tell me to have it. I'm not a fashionslave. Nor will I ever be, just to state the obvious. I'll put up a picture from a long time ago, my hair is longer now... We'll see what happens, maybe I'll post some pictures of how it came out. Probably not, but you can always hope for that.

I really need to get a new profile picture here, hm..

xo xo

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Anonymous said...

why didn't you get up earlier to get a ticket?