Monday, May 31, 2010

Beginning of summer...

Where does the time fly? All I can say is that it is messy in my head - enough said. All otherwise, sun is shining, it's the beginning of summer and soon all the lilacs will blossom. I love that! It reminds me of summer holidays, they always bloom when I've finished school when I was yonuger...

Beautiful summer blossom, warm weather, picnics...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

I won't let you fall apart...

How to put it in a way that doesn't sound more worse than it is, cause it's not. It will pass, but when these periods come now, it's nothing comfortable at all.. But this song is always a perfect song (no questions asked)!


Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sometimes is the only way to show an emotion, not to write or speak any about it. It's best left out silent. I'm blanc, nothing else. Just let it be and I'll manage. Maybe sooner than later.


Friday, May 28, 2010

An amazing life?

It is never hard, getting down. The hard part is getting up again. That's how I've come to see it all. Just as easy as that. Life doesn't need to be more complicated than it already is, acceptance is key to most of what I've come to recognizing myself with. Accepting and don't take all the battles that fall over you and just go with the flow. This is so easy to write, but so hard to always follow. But that is life... It's quite hard, but only as much as you allow it - and it can be slightly amazing if you just let it be like that, not bothered by everything around all the time!

Now I'm gonna jump in the shower.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bump in the road...

When you know why, is there any good at all to start analyzing? When there's nothing to analyze... I know there isn't any good reason, so can my head please stop messing around - cause it will be the end of me one lucky day (a bit melodramatic), haha! It will pass - but to always have to be reminded that the bumps in the road may comes around when least expected - makes you a little bit more careful.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Run to Brambly...

Now I'm gonna run to Brambly Hedge, just because.


You must protect yourself, You can protect yourself, I show you how with fire...

Kate Bush, again. Her voice is lovely, some think it's not but I fell in love in it the first time when I heard Wuthering Heights... She has something special, this song is magical, from the album The Red Shoes.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't give up, I know you can make it good...

It's Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, no further introdution is necessary, it says enough?
For me it does, this is soothing music for a mind that needs rest.

As they sing;
Don't give up
you're not the only one
don't give up
no reason to be ashamed
don't give up
you still have us
don't give up now
we're proud of who you are
don't give up
you know it's never been easy
don't give up
'cause I believe there's a place
there's a place where we belong


A storm in my head...

All of a sudden, everything switches from good to bad. The worst thing is that you have to get used to all the moodswings, how you don't know what will happen, it's a real rollercoaster. But the human mind is amazing at that point as it can adapt. But now it's not calm and peaceful it's a storm in there that won't settle...

But meeting Frida today, was wonderful!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing makes the darkness go, like the light...

This song is always going to be a part of my life. It's been there since I was twelve. I don't want to explain anything else. Just listen to is, if you haven't and take a time to think about life.

Now I have to see when I can do laundry, and tomorrow I'm meeting my dear wonderful longtime friend Frida!


Beauty; Bouquet part II

This is the second beauty shoot from Bouquet, that we took a very long time ago...

You will see all the real finals in September!

Photography by Daniel Stigefelt
Fashion by Me
Model Linda-Marie Brännvall
Photo assistent Cecilia Rang


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nonsense and maybe a change?

I'm thinking about doing something different with this blog, I like the layout, but I want to change things, I need to do it, don't know what yet. Maybe fix other colors...? I been upside down today, talked to my cousin who is more than 2000 miles away! I sure do miss her and my other cousins.

I need sleep, but when you need something, you usually don't get it, although sometimes it happens. I want morphine to, cause that easens pain. Well, suck it up and go on! That's life!


Colder than hot?

Today we did the last shoots for Bouquet, Fire and Ice, they are going to be so nice when they're completley done! Lovely! We had lots of fun, but it was hard work (and I think I'll die tonight...) But it always pays of, I only live once. We had, Daniel who was the photographer, I did the styling, Hanse did the hair, Kristina did the make-up and Linda-Marie was our model. What a great work!

The moodboard for Ice.

The moodboard for fire.

As always I don't have any real behind-the-scenes yet, but they will come! I have so many photos to upload that it makes me dizzy!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

The beginning of the summer?

Today I'm visiting Skansen here in Stockholm, lovely! Promise that I will wear flats and a cute summerdress! It's lovely outside, so on with sunprotection and go out! You'd better be safe than sorry. It's summer outside... So I'm making the most of it! Cause you never know with Sweden...

The funniest thing is that I will meet my cute little cousins this weekend again, they are lovely and I want to have a little girl when I become pregnant and having a child!

Sunny kisses

Friday, May 21, 2010

Love, it changes?

I want to be in love, feel those butterflies in my stomache and just enjoy them... I've always despised that kind of love, yet always yearning for it. Feeling it as something that I can't touch (truly I don't know if I've ever been in love), those happy feelings and all of that, but you know what - everything seems to change, I guess that it's true that humans can change... At least for some of us. I want love, that't all.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer, flowers and fashion!

Today I met up with beautiful designer Rita Saardi, what a magical woman she is! I adore her, that's all I can say. We sat in the sun (it really is summer in the air), got ourselfes some tan and talked about all you can think off! Well I had a really nice day, that I can tell you! I love spending time with people who are openminded, loving and creative! Thank you for today! Rita makes wonderful fashion, here's one I love!

Now I'm so tired my head might fall any minute as usual...
But I'm alive and kicking!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't stop me now, I can go on and on and on...

Everything at the same time, but in a good way is that normal? But who really cares for normal? Lot of things happen when you are active and not trying to analyze everything around you all the time. I'm just letting myself be. Stayed up tonight cleaning, woke up and started planning the rest of the week! I love my new found spirit! I could (almost) do all the little thoughts that's streaming through my head right now - I'm so freakin' happy and joyful!

Now I have to go through more clothes, shoes and hats...
I have made up my mind, I think I will sell many things that I do not have any use of anymore!
(but at the same time it gives me anxiety...)


Cleaning, photoshoots and a life!

Tonight I really will clean (organizing and stuff like that), listen to Inkubus Sukkubus and just go with the flow, I don't care! I only live once, and I'm in it to win it. Today (or yesterday) I had a photoshoot with Viktoria Dahlberg and I styled guys, my first! Good for me! It was really fun! I didn't take any behind the scene, and frankly I'm the worst at putting them up anyhow...

The cleaning awaits me, see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forget not the days of old, And recall the stories told, Of the burning and the screams, Do they ever haunt your dreams?

Burning times with Inkubus Sukkubus! There's something about that song! Some songs just sticks with you. Here are the song that I've first heard in 2002, and it's stuck by me ever since that little moment in time. I think I have something for wicca and pagan, but I've always loved supernatural creatures, things and spirits... Maybe I will become religious later in life, who really knows?

Now I'm off to build up my body, I really like that I've gotten started with this, I can't complain!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer, what dress?

Looking for the perfect summerdress is harder than you could imagine! I want a long one, that's black... Very light fabric and just easy to slip into. We'll see what I'll found... The weather has arrived, it's sunny and warm outside! But what dress to wear? It's a mess in my head, that's the only thing that is absolutely certain!

Summer kisses

Spring allergy?

This commercial, is amazing just because it's for medicine against allergy. It's made with brilliance and beauty (in my opinion) cause when you have an allergy you tend to always be in a some sort of war. This is just how typical it can be. Enjoy!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

There and back, up and down!

There and back again, I would happily stayed a little bit longer but somethings calls me home. But I had marvelous days and I met my darling Anna (whom I hadn't seen for 2 years, I don't know what happens to the time), who has the most beautiful tummy I've seen so far! That woman is going to be an excellent mum! Oh, I'll post pictures as soon as I've landed a bit. My own biological clock is ticking, I just have a crave to get myself a guy and a little kid...

This was 2 years ago, and I really love this woman!

Now it's back to work, here we go!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Southern part of Sweden...

Right now I'm in the south of Sweden, Skåne and are so tired that I don't know what and a back that does what it wants to. Tomorrow I'm meeting my dear friend Anna and it's going to be lovely, I'm hoping for sun, but it doesn't look like that outside. Well I should really try to rest...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Going back to basics with black.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to southern of Sweden, it's going to be nice, that I can tell you! I have a headache that isn't from this world and most of all I just want to lay down and never stand up again. I need sleep or aspirins... But instead I'm looking at things I will create when I come home. I'm all for maxi skirts and dresses in black and they have to be basic - that IS the whole point!

Clothes from Asos

Black kisses

Can somebody tell, is it heaven or hell?

I really think, that this one or Salem Al Fakir's song was the best in the Swedish takeouts for Eurovision, not something lame with no substance. Everyone is very entitled to their opinions but I feel like is just not right. But this is another thing in the Eurovision, I really would have liked seeing it in the semi and the final!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You only see what your eyes want to see, How can Iife be what you want me to be? You're frozen, when your heart's not open...

I'm as dead as I can be... and this is soothing as it can be then...

This is just a beautiful piece of work, and as everybody know, my favorite song with Madonna!

Frozen love

Organic bouquet!

Later today, I'm having another shoot with Daniel, Hanse and Kristina. With Linda-Maria the model and Cecilia as photoassistantl. This is going to be fun, the theme is organic and this is what I have in my mind! We are still doing the Bouquet-shoots! That reminds me off the fact that I still haven't given you the other beauty shoot... Maybe tomorrow

Organic flower kisses

Midnight poison!

I love this! The darkness around Diors perfume Midnight Poison is just moving towards me and still in a very sophisticated way. And the clothes (dresses), settings and shoes are just to die for!

Poisoned kisses

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'll guess I die another day?

I've always loved this song, since it came ca 2001. It just fell right into my at that time very introverted and dreadful heart, the lyrics where soothing. So it will always be, I guess that I'll die another day. This interlude during Sticky & Sweet Tour is in my eyes (and ears) perfect.

Now I have to return to the mess of clothes I've created! No matter how much you love clothes and fashion, there's one thing I can't stand and that's cleaning in my closet... It's terrifying! I think about the fact that I should sell off lots of my stuff, cause honestly I don't have any use of it anymore. That's sad.

Deadly kisses

Concrete and fashion!

My body is killed. I planned on cleaning all night, I don't think that happened, cause nothing looks as clean as I want it to be. Nevermind, I will do it today, but I feel like someone has taken a sledgehammer and slammed me up against a concrete wall! What a delightful life I have!

I found this blog about goths grown up, in sense of fashion, and how lovely isn't it? Haute Macabre is really nice. Not only cause I like gothic, romantic, dark clothing mixing with contemporary fashion makes it even more fantastic, love!


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mixed upwards...

This night I will try to clean out my closet and go through some stuff that I have, maybe try it on as well. Haha! Who really knows? But I'll start with throwing my aching body over a pilatesball, to stretch it out or in? I will listen to Lady Gaga, My Ruin, Madonna or anything that I have on my mind, cause it's set on mixing it all up... I love when this happens!

I can sleep when I die, well that sounds just marvelous, don't you think so too?


Baby loves to dance in the dark, 'Cuz when he's lookin', She falls apart, Baby loves to dance in the dark...

Gaga was amazing yesterday! She made me laugh, sing and made my throat soar. I had a blast, and yes, maybe I want to see her in a few years when she has more material, but I think I've never seen anything like this, so it pleases my eyes. Is it the best? No. Is she unique? Yes. Will I see her again? Yes, when she's realeased new material.

She really had the monster ball, with a monster on stage!

Luscious kisses

Friday, May 07, 2010

She's got both hands, In her pocket, And she won't look at you, won't look at you..

Tonight it's Gaga, lovely! It going to be so much fun, I'm really looking forward to see all the clothes and see what she does and of course to hear her sing all her music... Well we just have to wait til' tonight and then we know!

on Vimeo.

Lesioned romantic kisses

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Take me to the blossom and woods.

I just wanted to post some pictures I found for some weeks ago, from Jennifer Tzar, a very talented photographer that gets it spot on with the things I'm always seems to fall for. I love romantic things, both dark and bright, I think she does it beautifully that really pleases my eyes. It makes me wonder, love and get real inspired of doing more...

Lovely blossom

Breath, Breath in the air, Don't be afraid to care.

Just because this song is what it is, and will always be a one of the best songs I've ever come acrossed. But then, Pink Floyd is music I have grown up with and will forever have a huge place in my heart. Nothing else to that. I promise you all that my children definitively will listen to this at a very early age.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sleepyhead, me?

I'm so tired that I could mash my head into the keyboard without any problem... I've been so tired this week, well as all in life, it will pass. But can anyone give me a pill with being awake. I'm to tired to write any words that will evolve to sentences. I need to sleep, that's easily solved.

Nighty night

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Shoots, fashion and life!

This week will be fun, meeting tomorrow about future shoots, Lady Gaga on friday (that is going to be so much fun), meeting my cousin on saturday for walking around looking at vintage shops and hopefully do a shoot on sunday! I've become a busy girl and I quite like it. I am happy, alive and the only thing bothering me is my ache - but that will work out.

I'm right now looking for vintage dresses that are daywear and not evening, that something that I miss. I also have to make myself some new skirts and tops, I love stripes and the navy so why not find my inspiration from that? But I also love boho style, it suits me. For that matter, my twisted mind regarding fashion and clothes doesn't easen out... Well, that is just life!

Fashionable kisses

I feel so untouched right now, Need you so much somehow, I can't forget you, Been goin' crazy from the moment I met you...

This song by The Veronicas never gets too old for my ears, this is one song that just are, fluid and untouched! It so freaking catchy and just makes you want to dance!

Lovingly untouched

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm at the point of no return...

Today I tried exercicing for many years, I was on one of those bikes for 10 minutes without loosing my breath! That's something for a little girl like me, who gave this things up for many years ago. I love working out and now I remember why and I'm just getting started. Here we go! As I wrote before, no returns, now or never, this is it, I'm not gonna end up 50 years old thinking; I didn't do that, why the hell not?


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Love, that's all.

Yesterday my brother stepped in through the door and everything in me just bursted. I miss him badly, he and my other brother is the ones that are more important than anyone else - they are always there. So I started to cry but of realease, not that I was sad... I was happy to see him, but who wouldn't be?

Today we're gonna have a barbecue, just relax in the sun and have fun!


Saturday, May 01, 2010

New or old dresses?

Yesterday when I was in town looking for vintage dresses (those are for me the best) I found myself putting on a beautiful dress that ended up like a potato sack on my body, that is big, aah! The reason I love looking at vintage dresses is that they usually fit my body a little bit better - and they are unique and I love that! But looking like a potato sack is not my thing, haha! But on the other hand, I can still buy new things, if they fit! They are equal in different matters, a new dress is always a new dress, a vintage one is that.

In one week I will be seeing Lady Gaga again, with my wonderful friend Emma, she's truly a blessing in my life. It will be a smash!