Friday, April 03, 2009

What shall we die for, really?

I came to think about a thing when I listened to a song today, I was just floating in my brain and then it struck me, what shall we die for - really? For some time ago (for me about 4-5 years) alot of my friends were the ones I would and also should die for, I wouldn't do that if you would ask me now. It may sound very selfish of me to say such a thing. It's very noble to die for someone, in theory not in real life. Common, you got to be kidding me if you would die for anyone. I don't even think my mother would die for me, if it wasn't that particular situation when she could and would acctually save my life. But that's a mothers instinct, a whole other thing. I mean would you die for someone, when you think about it? Are you a 100 percent sure you would walk that extra mile, just to be noble and feel justified? Or would you just do it altruisticly? Are you so unselfish? Is it worth to die for someone, just because, when that person is already dead... Do the words "I would die for you" comfort our hearts or is it just rubbish?

I am in a disturbing place in my mind, I know it's 'cause the fact that it is spring and that I don't can cope with the fact, you feel it in the air (that's not a problem) and on every people you see (they lighten up) and the hardest fact, the sun is out, completely blinding me, making my head hurt and my eyes soar and it's flickering, it disturbs me. Yes, thank the one who invented sunglasses! They're priceless... You should just know the difference, for me. I want new ones, I'll have to take a look. But one thing that I'm happy about is that I feel warmer in my body, so that dumb thing doesn't ache as much as it always does.

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