Friday, May 08, 2009

Let me save a flower, won't let you fade away...

Today I did my very first facial treatment, and it was faboulos to do it. Relaxing, steaming and just cleansing out your face, superficially of course. You can't blame me for trying this... My skin feels radiant and alive for the first time in a very long time. My skintherapist is so wonderful and funny. I really like her. And if anyone wonder, you look good but not your absolute best after a treatment, quite red, but not in a hilarious way. It goes away very quickly though. So anyone who hasn't done it - Do one! I didn't realise that using right products and do two or three of these a year, my skin will accutally be nicer. Loove it!

I'm looking for inspiration for my next shoot, and I'm hunting down stuff I'd like, both new and old, I found a look that I really did like called Winter Garden on Style and I fell for this, it is although A/W 08-09... You understand why in a while my opinion on it. I'm so hooked on looking at Haute Couture all the time that I sometimes forget whats on the Prêt-à-Porter runway... If you don't know what that means look it up!

Ralph Rucci - black + feathers = lovely!

Dries Van Noten - the colors, the patterns, the matching - a total mixup!

Burberry Prorsum - feathers and lovely drapes in different grayscales.

xo xo

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