Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The most precious thing in life, is life itself and what you make of it.

I heard on tv a couple of days ago that blogging is slowly going out of "style", you aren't going to use anything that is blogging, nor twitter ( don't take me wrong but thank god that I haven't begun with that) what's up with that, really? Using unimportant things to write about. Nobody is interested in wheter you did that or did not, just ouhm, I'm currently looking for an old magazine that has Lily in it. Which Lily of them all? And why on earth would anyone be so extrovert, to tell everybody what you're doing. There's a thing called privacy and yes, I know I can write very revealing things about myself. But there's a difference in just use a short message and to really write about it. Writing is very theraphutic, even if you may say it's not...

I read also that it is the "fashion-blogs" that goes best here in Sweden. Just blogging about fashion isn't neccesarely what I would love to do, cause it's so superficial, but you know we need the shallow things, the deep, the stuff that doesn't really matter and stuff that really matters, cause we need to feel a connection between eachother when we read. I like to read everything interesting that comes my way, but I don't in particular get something out of it all the time. It's really easy if you say so. If you are for instant a person that enjoys just fashion, I highly doubt that, then you would enjoy reading tons of stuff about just that. Now, me on the other hand, like to read about stuff that is happening, but not the most trivial things, like what you had for dinner (if it wasn't a really fancy one), I like what people do. I will blog of the things I want to write about, love, life, fashion, photography, friends and everything I think you should know about me.

Backstage @ Galliano - life in colors!

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