Monday, June 22, 2009

Ginger, anyone?

Today I'm feeling much better, but it seems that I'm unable to eat anything, sorry to say. So I'm going to boil myself ginger tea, so strong, it feels like it's burning yourself inside out... But the taste is magical and you accutally feel it work, I just want you to know that it's good for your digestion too, maybe that's why you need to eat ginger in every diet your on... Maybe, don't know.

It now seems that all the strings are attached to each other and we're going. It'll be a funny, happy crowd of guys I'll travel to Arvika with, in a car on the 30th of june. And we'll be heading back to civillazation on the 5th of july. I'm in for a treat, I know that for sure. Depeche, Röyksopp, NIN, KoRn, and always something else. But I'm aiming for those four and if I see more than them I'll be happy.


1 comment:

Elva said...

Köper du ingefärste på hälsokosten eller gör du eget?
Hoppas att även du blir frisk inför dina äventyr i helgen. Låter som att det är en massa bra band att se.

Kram på dig Darling!