Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silent enim leges inter arma.

These days are somewhat "special" to me, very much is happening in the country my father is from, my second country. I don't know that much, only that they have replaced the old "dictator" with the old one, that the regim wants, and not the one which was choosen from the people, and dear friends that's frightening, if I'll tell you anything. They've killed 6 students so far, how far will they go? I just wonder. It's disturbing, cause I have almost half my relatives in Iran. And I'm sorry, really really sorry. But what can one person do? My father told me once when I was radically upset over the regim, that either you take a bullet for your ideals or you shut up and are silent. So are you silent or do you stand up for yourself with your life? This is my own interpretion, from my father, and he lived there. So would you give your life for you ideals?


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