Monday, July 06, 2009

Everything counts, In large amounts!

I just fell asleep in my bed last night, isn't it weird? Haha, not in a single bit - after being up for more than 30 hours, I started seeing things (that wasn't there... I think?) but brains can play big tricks on you... And I don't have any fucking anxiety, I'm just to happy for that... I'm very fine but yet sleepy...

All I can say is that Arvika was to amazing to just describe it - I'm left with no words than to say that all that I've experienced this last week has been an absolute joyful cheer... And I lost my voice the day after one night and then it was broken, but do you need to care? No, shit happens...! And I've even got a tan! I'll put up phots as soon as I can get my butt off the chair get my camera and upload everything - hold on!

Now Depeche, Röyksopp, Thåström, Fever Ray, NiN - wünderfull!


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