Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is life great without imagination?

I need to feel that love thing again, I don't know if I've been struck by some illness or anything, but now I just want these damn butterflies in my stomach, I want them, in need of having them. I'm not used to this so I maybe this is a sign? I do not belive in signs, I can't it seems so foolish. I like things with reason, but on the other hand I love to dream, to live in my fantasy world, a land of make belive. Where everything is bubbly and sparkly and every little thing disapear right infront of your nose. It's a bit psychotic, but how do people live in this world without imagination? Can it be that simple that people are living grey dull life and never get away, and if it is so, is that why we need some things to make everything go away?


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