Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The PERFECT dress!

Oh, when I found that other picture, I took a look aroung my pictures and of course, I saw it. The dress, The PERFECT Dress, the one you know you will crave all your life cause of it's beauty. I want to have it, wear it, never take it off, be attached to it forever more, but then again, wouldn't I be afraid of using it? Damn right, so when would I really prefer wearing it - at my wedding. The big problem then is that I don't have a prince charming/the right guy, but anyway I have THE Dress! It's a must have! Take a look! Just look at all the layers, the colors - I was numb when I saw this collection - this is just eyecandy and love and mindblowness!

As always it's by my favorite darling designer: Galliano for Dior


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