Friday, July 24, 2009

Time, who's got time?

I want to look like this, I love this it's very summer and very chic! And Sienna looks really good in it. I have to figure out how ro do it, cause I kinda need that. And somehow time is just slipping away from me... Soon it's U2 and then Madonna and lots of other things, hoho! And shoots that I'm about to do, if the weather don't say no. We'll see...


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Elva said...

Om det är håret du syftar på så kan du hitta hur man gör frisyren i nya tidningen Glamour. eller så kan jag visa dig hur man gör den på ditt hår vid tillfälle. Det va ju den frisyren som jag hade när vi va på festen i färgfabriken.