Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion is not only one thing.

One thing I had to do, this week, was my laundry, and today I got myself to do it. It's sometimes very fun to do laundry for me, cause I forget about the clothes I have all the time! I was saying to myself: "Oh dear, do I have this too?" I wonder, am I only a superficial materialist? Or am I more, cause when you think of it, people tend to already have an opinion about people who cares very much about the fashion and clothes they're wearing and what happens in that world, they are being called shallow and superficial. If you think that, then I shall not only bow for you, I shall applaud you, cause not only are you ignorant - you have no idea what you're talking about. Fashion is a state of mind, it's presence and always not manageable changings makes it very alive, I live, breath and eat fashion. Fashion has no limits, fashion is constant, provocative, funny, stupid, hilarious, huge, small, fantastic, amusing, horror, ugly, pretty, sweet, sour, colourful, vivid, fantasy, divine, everything and nothing all at the same time!

Now back to laundry!

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