Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gaga has become Dazed!

As everybody know, by now... I love Lady Gaga, I think it has been like that since I heard Just Dance for more than a year ago. Not only is she making really good and controversial music, she is an eccentric in all ways and direction you think you can take look at. She's some sort of a phenomenon that we can't stop talking about. She has herself saif that she is herself all the time, and that's the thing, she is a little bit too much everytime and that's what capture us and we gets stuck looking at this phenomenal woman. She did a short film for Dazed Digital, everyone knows of course that it's Dazed and Confused behind it - and it becomes really good!
Go check it out here!

"I belive in a glamourous life and I live the glamorous life..."
- Lady GaGa

And what else can you do; but not to love all the things she's wearing?

Photos by Kasia Bobula


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