Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's better to burn out, than to rust...

I have to admit that Neil Young is one hell of a talented guy, I just can't stop listening. He's real in every prospect of the way when he puts his feelings out there... And the funny thing is that it's really melancholic songs, not the happiest ones - and I'm completely at ease with it. Anyone who knows the feeling of melancholy, know that it's never like that, you absorb every little thing you hear - so all these small changes is humongous for me, and I love it! I don't let my feelings get overwhelmed, I just accept them. When you've come to the point of accepting yourself - then you know you're on the right way, path whatever you want to call it. It's life and you deal with the parts that come in your way, not everything at the same time.


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