Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On the way for a healthier living!

All I can say it that I'm from now gonna keep a journal over what I eat and the lack of food some days. I think it's going help me open my eyes even more. Going to a dietitian is really really good. I'm getting to where I want to be, not anything else. I have to eat lots of fruit, vegetables, and all other stuff that are green. I'm not going to eat more fat, so it's not gonna be like GI or LCHF, haha! She said that the only thing those diets do is take away all the water, and that's really easy - in a short term. In a long term this method is going to make me much more healthier, and yes I can still cheat sometimes!

So no more juices. Soda, or stuff that only have things that only has sugar in it, juices of course doesn't just have sugar in it, it has vitamins, but soda... Did you know it's better to eat an apple than to drink applejuice? I know now, it's a facinating thing, for sure!

I think that I know will brew myself some ginger tea with some honey in it, lovely!



theaddiction said...

vad menar du med det honey?

Allen Imsong said...

Great pictures. Very creative. One of the best blogs i have seen. keep it up :)