Monday, November 16, 2009

A fairytale house?

As always when I look around on the internet - I find tons of interesting, loving, vitsy little things that I want to show you all. Everyone that even have a slightest clue about me, know that I love fairytales and love to endure escapism for living my life, above all! (Although not always so good). Anyway, as a Lord of The Rings fan and truly always wrapping myself with all his words during reading, I've always imagined the hobbits home warm and comfy... I found some real fantastic houses that could fit in my wonderland, they don't just attract me for hobbits - but for everyone who is a little bit living in a fairytale... Oh, I just want to have my own little house!

These are real houses,
I do not know if there are any people living there,
but I'd like to think that.
More houses here!


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