Sunday, November 29, 2009

Funny christmas memories...

If it's one thing here in Sweden during the Christmas time that brings up lots of memories to almost everyone, is the calenders that we each day opens and either watch a episode on tv or listen to on the radio, there are two different each year. It's usually the tv for most of us (I think)... As we count the way down to the 24th of December when we celebrate Christmas eve. One of the best shows ever that's been on tv, was and still is Sunes Jul, it's hilarious - I laugh so hard that I could start crying! It was made in the beginning of the 90's and is the best off showing how things might be here, chaotic, funny and all above and under...? To watch and understand this, you have to know swedish, so this is to all of you who just want to watch the best Christmas entertainment ever! Enjoy! These memories are a sweet bliss!

The countdown begins 1st of December!

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