Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maybe the beginning of a life worth living?

It's usually around this time of year, you start making promises, that you aim to keep for the following year. I've never made any huge promises, that's not my kind. I do what I want to do, and don't follow in others direction, unless - I want to. But everything changed this year, that's almost passed us by now, I began growing, feeling like a human (at last) and not wanting to kill myself with my entire instinct whenever I felt down (big change)! I had my medication and it started to kick in - meanwhile I began to live with all that comes with that... I also had the wonderful joy of experience with both the old and the new. But here at the end of the year, I'm more happy than ever (no I did not became numb!), not afraid of anything and I promise you this, I have absolutely no regrets - I stand by and realise that what has been done, is done.

And suddenly I realise that this is only the beginning of my life...

Love and sparkles

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