Friday, December 04, 2009

Morphine, somebody?

If I could, I would scream to the entire world that my body can't take it anymore. Cause it can't... It's tired and I'm tired of me complaining, tired of always fighting battles - that I can't do a flying fuck about. Yes, I need to write this off my chest. I'm just tired and my physical health don't make it easier to control the psychological one either. Cause they depend on each other when it's gone too long. I'm just so tired of trying to struggle myself through this without getting better. I know I could fight this until the end of the world, but it wouldn't matter.... I'm just tired... Can somebody give me a shot of morphine?


1 comment:

LadyAngore said...

jag kan skicka dig en kram.. om det skulle hjälpa :)