Thursday, January 28, 2010

Accepting responsibility...

This day was the first day, that I dreamt of spring since the beginning of the winter. Usually I dislike all the seasons, but this last autumn and winter has changed me - whether I wanted it or not, but it happend in the evolution of acceptance and living because I wanted to. The strive to happiness, has seemed painful and never ending! But here I stand one year after what might have been one of the most important sequences of my life so far - alive.

Learning to live, and still learning is something I practice everyday. Do you know people who makes excuses, like; I'm like "this" cause this happened to me - and the excuses are going on and on... I do not ever want to be spoken to saying; that I didn't do my time. That's not me. Neither should it be anyone elses. I've started take responsibility, cause the only one controlling my life is me, with my values - living life - with every inch of still being me...


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