Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dreams become reality?

I have absolutely nothing funny (thought or thing) to write about, my dreams this night (the ones I remembered) were really bizarre, you're in some kind of delirium. I got a job at a fashion magazine (no nothing strange yet) but the things around it, were oddly creepy, like being chased and played like a toy... My subconscious mind saw all kinds of people, like a normal sized woman, with no arms and legs, poking me (with what?) - and although you want to remember everything - the brain seems only to remember the most outrageous things. As me running away, towards my mother and fathers car, from the woman with only a body chasing me to wherever I tend to run or turn, there she was, looking extremly repugangtly bizarre (but not in a good way). Maybe this either sound terrifying or any verb you want to put in. It's hell when this really is happening, the reality is so close that it transforms itself to it. Waking only to realise that, nothing happened, or did it? My logical part says this, the unlogical that.

Wishful dreams


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