Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter and a wonderland on the horizon...

A body that does what it want for itself is not one of my most desirable situations. After this week, I'm gonna take it a bit slow for a little while - I think? But I have some things that's on my to-do-list. First up a wonderful day with my cousin, she's as "obsessed" by Johnny Depp as I! You have to love that! She's sane, always good news.

Now I'm gonna plan more about the upcoming things and take a very warm shower, that's mandatory for me! And I really don't get people, if we don't get a cold and white winter - it's bad. If we get it like we have today that = bad to. How should you have it? Maybe this is the first time we experiencing a cold, long and white winter, like it was for many years ago? Why complain, this maybe is the only time in your life you're gonna have it, although it is hard. Of course I'm looking forward to spring, but life's a rollercoaster...


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