Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A beginning, an ending, a love, a fight.

This week is just a rollercoaster in my head, but I'm not afraid of it. But this makes me emotional, a trainwreck at some points and the other dancing around without breaking my upstate mind. I can't helt that I get nostalgic, thinking about all those people that's been in your life, I owe them great thanks today. Some of them especially. You can never imagine how it is, if you weren't there. Only those who were, are able to think about it. Maybe today without thinking about sorrow, cause we fought, loved and cherished each other in that chapter of our lifes, I think we still cherish each other - and no matter what, everything wasn't bad, it was everything. And come to think about it, we're still in the beginning only, who knows what comes next?

Lovely thoughts

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