Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A joyful and loving day!

I think about taking myselt outside, being stuck with work to do at home, for my dearest father, haha! I promise you that my children will know how to polish silver, that's going to be a rule! No, but it is quiet nice knowing how to polish the right way, doing it faster and good. And the silver looks so good, when all the oxidations are gone! But today it's a bit sunny outside and a perfect weather to go out and walk around, taking a trip into town... Today my life is beautiful and yet I've just slept 5 hours! It's like everything is just perfect today! Light as a feather and blowing the way the wind moves, so full of love and joy! Oh, my heart is jumping of no reason, that's wonderful, haha!

Wishing love to all of you

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