Sunday, March 07, 2010

Learning to live with it?

Learning to live, seems so easy sometimes. Othes times it's eating me alive. I came to think about why I'm writing a blog and what use I have of it. Having a blog is very self-absorptional and also a place where you just can let your mind speak free. One of my many passions I have is writing, I've always had that, no matter where I've been. Writing is something I could do all day long and it's been really therapeutic - loosing things that just need to go. I have started to think about writing again in Swedish about stuff that needs those specific words - but who knows? I don't, all I know is that my moodswings are back with one hell of a thunder, so I'm not so nice. Time flies, very fast and I'm stuck on the ground trying to catch my breath. But how long does it take to learn how to live?

And one thing, it doesn't matter how fancy you try putting out these words, or romanticide them, make them sound better, the thought, feelings and you are still you. Having bipolar disorder is nothing that none can expect, it's everything ane more at times. It's something you always have to keep fighting for - it doesn't go away - it can't. But after all you're not your disease, but it's a part of you.


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