Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another lovely day...

Today I'll start sketching on things that I will sew, yes I'm dragging my ass to my baby to get some things done. Haha, you'll have to see later, cause I won't tell you anything! This is a beautiful day, so I'm thinking of taking a cup of tea, placing myself on my balcony and enjoy the sun, just for a while. Read a book, flip through magazines and just relax, write and do whatever comes into my mind! Then it's time to celebrate my little brother who's now 16. Gosh, he's old(er)!

See you later!

Lovely sunny kisses

1 comment:

LadyAngore said...

Räknar dagarna tills du kommer ner nu darling! paj, Anna och vår. kan det bli bättre? :)