Monday, April 19, 2010

Rollercoaster, fun?

One word; Rollercoaster. That's what I'm tumbling in during this period of time. But I get out alive as always. I wish that I could write something other than my nonsense about me, all that happens inside and outside me. Yesterday was a perfect week (almost) but it was good! Now I'm in the rollercoaster going up and then down. Sorry I can't write about the stuff that matters, all the ash from Iceland that flows around the entire europe. For me it's just the earth saying, hello, I still have something to say and that we deserves it. But that's my thought. And right now I'm dreadful and sickened of it all.

In a few minutes I will not think about this at all - I will be totally happy. Well, what was that word? Rollercoaster, yes...


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