Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Shoots, fashion and life!

This week will be fun, meeting tomorrow about future shoots, Lady Gaga on friday (that is going to be so much fun), meeting my cousin on saturday for walking around looking at vintage shops and hopefully do a shoot on sunday! I've become a busy girl and I quite like it. I am happy, alive and the only thing bothering me is my ache - but that will work out.

I'm right now looking for vintage dresses that are daywear and not evening, that something that I miss. I also have to make myself some new skirts and tops, I love stripes and the navy so why not find my inspiration from that? But I also love boho style, it suits me. For that matter, my twisted mind regarding fashion and clothes doesn't easen out... Well, that is just life!

Fashionable kisses

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