Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving forward and still not moving?

I'm sitting in a cute little dress, thinking about how life seems to change very fast around med, and I don't really know how to follow the rythm as much as I would want to. I know I can't tell myself that I'm a failure, cause I'm not. I'm a fighter. I know that I've always had to fight my way up and I've done it, as well as many of my friends. But I don't write this in a way of pity or in judgement. That's not my nor anyone I know's game. It's the fact that life has it's twists in the story and you have to figure out your own way, not your brothers, sisters, friends or family. It's your life, you have the control over it, not the person next to you.

Am I done passing judgement on myself? And am I ready to live the life I want to live - and not the life that you are intended to do?


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