Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's a Big Bang Theory, for real!

You wanna know one thing, I am and I really mean this, so hooked on the tellie series about a couple of awkward physicists who have no compabillity at all to act in social activities, it's hillarious and so fabolous and fun to watch and I laugh all the time - The Big Bang Theory is by far the most interesting thing that has came on tv since maybe Sex and The City and The X-files. If you know me those two are my all time favourite... And of course I love Two and A Half Men, Dexter, Wire In The Blood (creepy brittish crime are outstanding) and I probably have forgotten someone, but hey, I don't care... Here's some pictures from the above shows...

P.s I will not always blog in english, I will switch D.s

xo xo

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