Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's a bloody well right, a bloody well right!

I'm thinking of starting to write in english, it's bloody well time for that, isn't it? I want all people who stumbles over this blog to be able to read what my opinions are, what I like and what I really dislike... But despite that, I want to improve my english and this is a great way of doing so. As I've told all of you, I went to a teaparty yesterday and I had an amazing time. I really enjoy Rachel and we gossip about tons of stuff that we want to talk about, chat about ideas of all kinds of things, I really enjoy the company of hers. She's one of a kind if I may say so.

I'm dying for some new shoes, new dresses and a lot of things that I feel I need, not that I need them in particular, but it will be fun to have these clothes or that shoes, I never buy anything just randomly, I pick out the things that I'll think work out on me and the things I do pick out really do fits me. But these ones are the only thing that's really IN my mind...

xo xo

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