Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's no beginning and no ending, Give me a chance to go and I'll take it!

I'm sitting in my fathers old t-shirt, cause I am currently treating some promblems on my back, I haven't had serious issues with my back for a long time, until last week and yes it is pimples, I do not belive I suffer from severe and problematic acne... The thing is that I think I know what causes it - so I can change my behaviour. Like being stressed out, our eating the wrong things, I do that sometimes and you know what I really shouldn't. That's the thing about forbidden pleasures, you really want it when you can't have it. So living clean and so on is my thing, I do not want to fuck up things - and for the record I do get better by eating pomegranate and lime is something I do feel better in my body with (or lemons)!

I am in the line of getting Madonna tickets and as you know I am not so fond of waiting, I get restless and bored of all the waiting. But it's worth it for something like this, I guess we'll figure out what will happen later on, cause you may never know. But of course are we hoping for the best!

xo xo

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