Monday, February 16, 2009

Kiss, Kiss, Gonna tell you right now, I'll make it sweet on your lips...

I'm home again after being away for a couple of days. I got to see a lot of wonderful people these days, so lots of love to all of you for shining up my days, but not everyone I wanted to meet. But there was no time and this trip was planned in somewhere in the beginning of last week, so it was short notice, but hey, that's life. You can't always have the best preperation, some things are just spontaneously and it just happens! I will come back and I will visit everyone! But maybe when it has become spring and it's a little bit warmer in the air, oh you should just know how cold I am. I am for real freezing my fucking butt off - and I do not enjoy a single bit of it. I do hate it when it's cold. But I do love it when it's snow on the ground, it's just the cold I have a problem with...

I am now going to take a shower, look at some series, I need SATC right now and take care of my body, as I told you I do not like it when it's cold, because I always get a cold and I cough alot when it gets bad, it hasn't come to that point yet, but still... I don't like having a cold - it mess my brain up more than it should be. Aaah, I don't have the time for being sick. So a warm shower, peeling my body and just taking care of myself tonight is the thing - and look at SATC. That's love!

And I got some disburbing news from my doctor - but I never felt better or happier, I'm just climbing, so there's a dilemma there, I feel so much better, but it can if I think in a long term, have some damage on my body... Well we'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed.

xo xo

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