Friday, March 06, 2009

We've got to have shoooes!

I got challenged by Elva to do something about a photo on my computer, haha!

1. Go into folder "My Pictures".
2. Choose the sixth folder and choose from there the sixth picture in that folder.
3. Write and tell about the picture.
4. Challenge 6 other people
5. Give them a link and let them know they've been challanged.

First of all, on our computer here at home, we only have one folder in "My Pictures" - so as you all can imagine that there's nothing there to go and get. So if I would go to my own folder "Anna" and in my folder "My pictures" I would probably find something more interesting... This is what I found...

The thing with this picture is that I didn't found it myself, my best friend Malin found it and at that time both me and her were so into buying shoes and, for all that matter buy all kinds of shoes. I've kept this picture because it still reminds me of me, both then and now. I adore shoes, so that it is a picture that doesn't have any shoes on it is amazing, although it is about shoes, cause I still buy them and I still love it.

I don't want so challenge anyone, if anyone is up for it, do it, if you're not - skip it.

xo xo

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