Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's secrets, it's lies - it's all a ritual noise!

I'm reading this discusting book, I am really ready to throw up. What the hell am I eating? I eat tons of inappropriate food. Take light products for example, do you even know how much things there are in these products? I really don't want to belive it, but from some point of view, I only now want to buy season fruit, the seasons vegetables and stuff that I can get nearby. I will always have to buy some things that are transported but, if I know it's the season for it, then it won't matter. It's a matter of fact now for me, that I do not never in my life again want to use juice that are from concentrate, but I will use Brämhults juices, they're the closest to being naturally pressed, unless I get a real juicecompresser. There's all sorts of other things in this book too, Den hemlige Kocken (The secret chef)...

I don't want to be in this bored state of mind, where I can't think of anything I would like to work on, make or create. I have these periods with no inspiration what so ever, just the annoying feeling that I do not like it at all. Maybe I can find something pretty so you can lay your eyes on it. Or maybe I'll just post a dress that I do love, we'll see.

Christian Dior SS 09 HC
xo xo

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Anonymous said...

Alla borde ha den boken hemma!