Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carousel, and you remember it well.

My all time favorite site of fashion besides Elle where I find everything I need to know about the upcoming and the ones that are falling, maybe just for that season, but everybody does bad collections now and then. Anyhow, Fashionista is the funniest blog about clothes and gossip about the fashion-world. Nowhere else can you find funny, dramatic, loving, touching, and somewhat exccentric things, and somedays very controversial photosessions pops up and you really can't take your eyes from it, you just know that this is something you will remember for a long time. I like longlasting experiences, not the ones I forget about after a minute since seeing them, but hey that's me. You might love the things that are trivial and don't let you think about for some more seconds then the ones you looked at it. I love it when it sticks to my brain, makes me wonder and want to just explore the mind of the person creating that thingy that now is ravaging my brain.

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