Sunday, April 26, 2009

When the moon is in the seventh house, And jupiter aligns with mars, The peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.

I am not in that state of mind of telling you all about my day, except that it was wonderful and I used a lot of creativity, colors, draped textiles, alot was put into this and I think something wonderful will come out of it. I will tell you more tomorrow and upload som pictures like, behind-the-scenes, they have become something to look at in the anticipating waiting for the real shoots. Well I'm still standing, my feet hurts and my eyes are sore, but I have a smile on my face that nothing can erase. Lots of love to all the people that worked with this today! I'll give you all names later, the bed is waiting for me. In the time I'll treat you with some Steve Miesel shoots, love his work!

When your fantasy gone from wild to outrageous!

xo xo

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Elva said...

Hej du fantastiska människa!
Jag har insett att det är fullkomligt beroendeframkallande att jobba med dig, Hanse och Nina. VI ÄR FANTASTISKA!!! (ingen blygsamhet här inte ;)

Din beskrivning av hur det känns efer en sån här plåtning kunde inte vara bättre. Ont i fötter och i ögon och man är skittrött men så jäkla lycklig :)

Ser massor fram emot BTS-bilderna så att jag kan sno några.