Saturday, April 11, 2009

When you gonna make up your mind, When you gonna love you as much as I do?

There are people in your life that you know, will always be there, one way or another. I have that kind of fortune that I have amazing people in my life, they're somewhat special in their own different way and that makes everything for me more exciting and also a challenge. You know that people come and go in your life, but I truly belive that all the people that has touched our hearts in one way or the other is something to keep you holding on to all the precious memories you have with them, maybe they've only been in your life a short while, maybe a long time - but time doesn't matter here, what matters is that it is a matter of fact that they are there in the bad times, in the good time, when you just want to talk garbage or in my specific way are like a rabbit on speed. And you do exactly the same thing for them, because they matter. Nothing can take that away from you. I just want to thank everyone that has been in my life, lightened it, appreciated each other, made sure that we've always we're there. There's no matter for me to argue, I will always love you. Never think that I have spoken those words and haven't meant them. Because I do not say I love you, easily. Only when I feel it is a time to say it.
You will forever live in my heart - whatever will happen.

Remember that, and that you are a uniqe, special and loving person...

xo xo

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Elva said...

Du är så fin Anna...