Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I never knew this could happen to me, I know now fragility, I know there's people who I haven't told, I know of people who are getting old...

Last night I met up with some really good jewellery designers for a photoshoot that we're going to have. Elva arranged it so big props to her! I'm really looking forward to do this! Afterwards me and Elva got a bite and talked about tons of stuff, and it was so good just to talk about not so important things and just letting it be, I really admire that woman. She has an amazing talent. Thank you!

This is from last year, when me and Elva had a really funny night out on the town!

Today they're drilling in our zinks, so not funny, it sounds awful. And it's gonna smell like plastic soon to. Oh, how much do I not dislike the smell of melt and liquid plastic in my nose, in this high dose it do not smell nice. Urk! No, nothing for me. But they will be done soon, I hope. Please give me some rest.

xo xo


Evelina said...

När vill du ses på fredag? Passar det vid 11?

Elva said...

Vad gullig du är! Det var verkligen supertrevligt att träffa dig och bara prata om allt och ingenting. Tiden bara flög iväg!

Kram på dig! Miss you already!