Monday, May 04, 2009

It's a womans right to shoes!

A woman can NOT have to many shoes, I will tell you this until you've understand that it's the big rule for anyone who loves shoes, so get that into your heads people! Some shoes is a statement, some of them you wear because they've become sort of special to you. Maybe it's stupid but it is a love you have no right to take away from any woman who loves them. A real good high heeled shoe, make you feel sexier, flirtious, everything at the same time. I love wearing high heeled shoes, they define me for just that exact that moment.

Here are some shoes from Steve Madden that I've fallen for right now...

I want these ones really really bad! I'm in need, feed me! I loove!

I really want silver shoes! And these are the perfect ones, maybe...

This multicolored sandal is just lovely!

xo xo

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