Monday, May 04, 2009

In fashion one day your in, next day your out!

I totally amuse myself with pleasure every day at this time because it Project Runway. I've never loved it like I do now. These people have real talent, not always, but it's always someone who makes me go berzerk over it and grouching about that I don't have that talent - yet. I'm gonna be someone in my own eyes, for me. The only big problem is that NO ONE in sweden is ready for the clothes I want to do - belive me. Just look in the magazines, we have no swedish designer who is making clothes like John Galliano or maybe Narcisso Rodriguez, Matthew Williamson (and yes, his creations for H&M, were so much commercial, not fashion for me)... We have them all - they do it all - and they are from other countries than this little place up in the Scandinava. Sorry, but this isn't the place when you want something more than just "usual" in your life.

But now project runway - then go and be creative!

xo xo

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