Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet me in the crowd, People, people, Throw your love around... Put it in your heart shiny happy people!

I had a blast last night, an absolute amazing evening, my feet aches, I'm tired but happy. Something I will never forget. It was a fantastic party for celebrating Dekadance as a 5 year old club. But for one moment there I felt like the thing I used to love about it was gone, but when you think about it, I've grown, things change, it's called evolution in the human mind (I think). But to meet all the people there and saying hello to all of your friends that you haven't seen in quite some time is really really nice, and loveable. And then you find it again the thing why you are going to these places, 'cause of the people. They are for me the most important thing, shiny, happy people!

A photo of my wonderful Natacha Marro shoes! True love.

xo xo

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