Saturday, May 02, 2009

Somewhere, all that we leave behind, Lingers on, longing for lullabies, You live, you learn, You love, you burn, You win, you lose, Becoming you...

When I look around me, all I can see how people always has told me that love should be easy, nothing complicated, everything will fall into place. I don't think I've ever been in love. I can feel love, but not in the way "I'm so in love with this person", cause I don't feel it. I want to fight for things, I want to feel that somthing is always happening. Life for me in general can never be dull, I get bored and get the hell out of there when that happens. I can as a truth say to all of you, that I've never been more alive and getting better than ever, then nowadays - I'm not the same person and I will not be her tomorrow or the next day. But back to love, if I've never been in love, how can she tell us how she want it? It's simple, I know who I am (as far as I can know), but I'm always willing to make adjustments to get to a place where things look nice and pretty fine in my eyes. Nothing is always perfect, but you don't have to argue about all that sort of stuff all the time. But when will I ever let anybody in again? It's a battle that I don't know the predictions of, if there is any at all? And after being through allt these things am I really ready yet? You can't throw fire to an already burning heart.

Oh, I just find more and more wonderful pictures from different stylist, photographers, everything that I found speaks to my heart. I wouldn't post it if it wasn't... Here's some from Kattaca and Steven Meisel.

This photo of Jessica Stam is another brilliant shot from Mr Meisel.
He knows how to make the best out of it.

This Steven Miesel 17th century couture shot is so calming for the eye.

This is another fab thing from Kattaca, I can't get enough of their work!

Love the graphic things in this picture! Adore it! It's genius, but you can't except less...

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