Friday, May 01, 2009

We had joy, We had fun, We had - Seasons in the Sun...

Today is the first of May, and last year I was down in Malmö having a hungover not of this world, but I loved it. Today is a calmer day. I haven't been crawling the streets like a zombie, I miss all you guys down there. There's a must for me to come down for a visit soon. I really really want to...

I am today not in the happiest mood, neither am I sad or depressive, somthing both I think? I can't get the picture, bad sleeping and aches in my body doesn't really make it better, now does it? No. It's this constant ache that nothing can explain except for my own idiotic body, I really do hate it. But I'm going out in the sun anyhow, I would like a shot of morphine in my body, no pain, nothing. I'm just saying. But, got to get moving, cause I've got things to do.

xo xo

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