Wednesday, May 06, 2009

There's no need to argue anymore.

The funny thing with people like me, is that when we want something done, it doesn't always comes as the first sight of it, but we do it, there's not even a doubt about that, we deliver all the time. When you are going to work like I'm going to do, you always have to deliver a little bit of yourself and that's what I do. It's a strong thing, but also a weakness for me. Cause sometimes you really can't deliver. I'm slowly getting myself rock steady on the ground and I really don't take shitloads of bullshit from anyone. I surround myself with people that are creative, spontaneous, fun, honest, everything that you could ask for. You can tell them that you don't have the energy of meeting them just that day, and it isn't going to ruin your friendship with them. Argue about poor little foolish things, that doesn't really matter, that won't go anywhere - it's just stupidity. Friends come and go, and I'm done arguing about idiotic stuff, I'm not the same anymore and I will never be anyone else than me.

I just can't wait til' I'm doing my next photoshoot... Nina sent a good and interesting idea today, it's fun and a challange, I won't tell you anything yet, but it'll so much fun! So now I'm going to do a lot of searching. We'll see how the outcome becomes.

I think I will use Kattaca wonderful pictures as something to work from!

xo xo


Elva said...

Bra Anna! det du just skrev är så himla viktiga insikter. Ju äldre man blir destå mindre tid är man villig lägga ner på disfunktionella relationer.
Du är en fantastisk människa och ju mer jag lär känna dig destå större och bättre blir du i mina ögon.

Det ska bli så himla spännande att se vad du kommer fram till i stylingväg.

Emma Östergren said...

Kul det var att se dig idag Anna! :)
Ser fram emot nästa jobb ihop, it's going be fabulous! ;)
Stor kram,