Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yeah, too much love will kill you, It'll make your life a lie, Yes, too much love will kill you, And you won't understand why...

I think at least some of us know that H&M is doing another campaign, with celebreties, for Fashion Against Aids. As I see it fashion wise, it's a good collaboration and for a good cause. But they can't (in my own eyes) compete with the first ones who were out there and designed the first ones. I especially liked Jade Jaggers last year, I really did. I have her special black top with red lips on it, myself. The one competing this year is Yelles, she's got the message, I really enjoy looking at that one. Oh, why isn't she mentoning everyone else? Because they don't speak to me. Sorry to say! I should get one, it's the right thing, and because my favorite singer died of AIDS, Freddie Mercury.

This one is Yelles, and I like it. This one is in stores NOW! Go!
I might get this...

I really love this one from Jade Jagger, but you know it's NOT in stores now.
But I have it so I don't bother... Hehe!


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