Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dress is just a dress right?

I'm a collector, I've always been one and will always be. It's not that I collect anything that is so rare as real Galliano dresses (yet) but when and if I have the money to spend on a Galliano dress, if it's from Dior or him, I wouldn't doubt a second. I should also storage it to make it as fresh as it can be, when I don't wear it. But common how often do you get the chance to wear a authentic Galliano dress and would you really like to ruin it and don't have it well perserved when you get older? I know I would, some of my vintage rarites are in my cold dark cellar, cause that's how you should store it. Everybody knows that. I just wish that I had more space, I'm in need of that.

I dream very strange dreams at the moment, somewhat realistic dreams, and somewhat not, I'm torn into two different sides and I can't decide what's right and what's wrong in my mind.


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