Monday, June 15, 2009

Nutrition for your head, if you wouldn't mind!

I think that I might even be in love with Kattacas beautiful work of art. It's nothing I've ever seen before and I just want them to give me more of vibrant colors, graphical pictures, fantasy and fashion, I can't belive my eyes when I see what they do and how they work, but as they say: Great minds think alike! And that is true, all down to the bone when it comes to this... Nothing's like the same and they never use an idea twice. I like that. That you always keep exploding... I bet half of you all (execpt those in the industry) don't understand how long this process can take... It's like taking it to different steps each time. Here are some black and white and very graphical type of photos, that's fallen for my taste!

Photography: Paco Peregrín
Stylists: Kattaca


1 comment:

Nina Holma said...

vilka fantastiskt fina bilder och vilken styling!! mycket inspirerande