Thursday, June 11, 2009

A famine in your heart, An aching to be free, Can't you see? All love's luxuries, Are here for you and me

Yesterday I accutally bought a maxidress, and as you know by now, that I won't show it yet, I will do it when I feel that I want to... When I got home I looked for others maxidresses, of course on Net-a-Portér, lovely site - but skyhigh prices on the pieces that I want in my wardrobe. But I found some things that I really love... Two bags that I would love to have this season... Sometimes you just know what you want, and there's nothing you can do about it.

This dress is adorable, I want it. The antique style is hip and chic to wear, and the dress is so perfect for the springtime and summer, cause of the lightness, a perfect daytime dress.

This little shoulder bag from Antik Batik is just speaking for itself.

And this big shoulder bag from Paul & Joe, is fab,
if you remove the fringes or maybe keep them, I don't know right now...


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