Saturday, June 20, 2009

I belive in people lying, I belive in people dying, I belive in people flying, I belive in people crying...

Of course I dreamt about stuff tonight, but not so pleasant things, I'll tell you. I'm just wondering why I'm dreaming about stuff that in a point of veiw isn't that important... But somehow seem to scare the shit out of me, sometimes things are pretty real for me, that I don't know how it haven't happened when I wake up. I'm so asure of that what I'm dreaming is reality that I don't seem to get a grip over that it isn't.

I just found a old favorite song of mine, really lovely one. But quite hard in the lyrics, I can remember why you can get a major anxiety attack listenint to this music without all the distance to it, fortunally I do have this (at least I think that) never the less, it's a lovely song, and Tricky is a master in doing music in a specific way. None the less, I think I'm going out for a walk, I have to loose about 22 lbs or more, for my own sake...


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